Our National Navy League recently initiated an easy to use Legislative Affairs software system. This “Voice to Congress” online system allows Navy League members to advocate on the needs of the sea services more easily, more quickly, and with greater rates of participation. It is accessible via the “Legislative Affairs” dropdown panel on the main Navy League homepage at It allows you, as a Navy League member, to easily write or call their member of Congress.

As Navy League leaders, you know how important our work is to the sea services.  As the budget shrinks and threats from around the world increase, we need strong maritime services.  Fewer members in Congress have served in the military than since before World War II.  Our voice is needed on Capitol Hill more than ever to tell Congress that the sea services must receive the funding they need.

“Voice to Congress” significantly eases the burden on members. You simply visit the site, choose a topic that interests you, and click a button.  Here is a direct link: . You will be prompted to enter your address, which allows the software to automatically look up the Member of Congress’ contact information for you. The letters and content will be provided by the Navy League headquarters staff, and can be edited by the user. This process will make it very easy for Navy Leaguers to advocate for the sea services.

It is imperative that Navy Leaguers visit and utilize this feature often.  One of the primary missions of the Navy League is to inform Congress and the American public on the importance of strong services.  The more Congress hears from the Navy League, the more influence we will have as it realizes that Navy Leaguers are politically engaged—they pay attention and make their voices heard.  As Navy Leaguers share the website with their friends via social media, the Navy League can also use that pool to identify potential members and grow the Navy League.  A link to the site is also on our council’s homepage.  

We all joined the Navy League to help the sea services—this is an easy way to ensure the needs of the services are being met, and a way for our voices to be heard. As new issues evolve that merit a strong Navy League members response, you will receive a prompt by email message directing your attention to make your “Voice to Congress”  heard.

By Don Giles, VP Legislative Affairs